Geometry Test

This test is designed to assess your skill level to help decide if “Geometry” is the appropriate class for you. Please read the Geometry Class Description carefully. You may register regardless of your test scores, however, once registered for the class, any transfers will incur a transfer fee of $25. A score of 80/100 is recommended.

1. How many degrees in a triangle?





2. James has a right triangle that has another angle that measures 45 0. What is the missing angle measurement?





3. Congruent or Similar?




4. Find the area of the circle: use 3.14 for Pi, round to the nearest hundredth. The radius of the circle is 4 feet.





5. This triangle has at least two sides congruent.





6. A polygon that has 4 sides is called a(n):





7. I am a quadrilateral with opposite sides congruent; all angles are right and opposite sides are parallel:





8. A polygon with six sides is called a(n):





9. The movement of a figure is called a(n):





10. What triangle has no sides or angles congruent?